Last Wednesday we went to the one and only Marcona3. For those of you who do not know what Marcona3 is, let me explain it to you briefly. It’s a multi-label showroom based in Milan and Paris, focused on new avant-garde brands in the fashion industry. Not only do they show you their new exquisite brands, they also share their passion for culture and design. It is such a unique place…rooms filled with art of the last century. When I first entered the showroom, I couldn’t decide where to go first so I just stayed in the middle of the room, with my mouth open, trying to absorb the amazing atmosphere of an industrial yet chic location. It is extending 500sqm of harmonic minimal styled surface.

However, we did have business to do so together with one of the sales representatives we ordered SS15 women clothing of the brand HTC Jeans. Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you much about what is coming next summer BUT I do want to address all the girls and women out there to do definitely keep all your (and your mothers) high waisted worn out denims. And when they are littered with wholes? Even better ;) 

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